nikaroo (shadowdance1916) wrote in kemal_babydoll,

Kemal wrote us a letter at the divakemal site, just thought I'd share it cos it was really sweet.

Hi babydoll,
Guess who? I am writing you this email after having seen the website
Diva Kemal!. I would like to thank everybody involved in creating this site,
everybody who has taken the time to visit and all those who have gone
to the effort of writing something in the forum. Upon first discovering the
site I was so excited at it's existence and grateful to all those who were a
part in creating this site. On the site I particularly love the remixes of
my entrance night and the mix of the housemates dancing to the Arabic

Can I take this opportunity to thank everybody for all their love,
encouragement and support, you guys are brilliant and I love you all!
Secondly to commiserate the other housemates for not having a website
created for them full of such dedication, warmth and beauty!

To all those who have written to me through the Big Brother address, I
have received all fanmail and read through each.Your efforts have not gone
unnoticed and I am again so grateful! I have a note of all addresses given
and will shortly be producing and sending autograph cards and responses
to all!

Hope to see many of you at Portsmouth this December for Cinderella –
it’s going to be amazing!

Keep up the good work – and remember…

….Never Compromise Your Divahood…..

Yours truly
The Diva – Kemal Shahin
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