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****hug from Kemal!****

So 'Cinderella' closed today... & yours truly was there for the last performance! Kemal was "fabulous" & very very cute! His main costume was this sparkly silver minidress thing that showed off much of his legs, as well as his shiny high heels. In the second act he had a costume change into this very dressed-down, orangey yellow peasant skirt & a matching navel-baring top which he wore for his song & dance number. He sang a medley of... {get ready for this}... 'Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend' and 'Material Girl', before breaking off into some belly-dancing, then ending on 'Diamonds' again. It was totally camp & incredibly adorable! He even said "oh my days!" at one point, & he must have said "sweetie" & "darling" about 5 times.

After the show I high-tailed it to the Stage Door with my camera, my programme, & my flowers {I bought him roses}. I froze my ass off for about 15 minutes before finally the security dude poked his head out & asked "You waiting for autographs?" Me & a few of the other people nodded. He retracted his head, a minute or two went by, & then he poked his head out again & said "OK, Kemal will sign autographs one by one." I could see this shadowy figure on the other side of the door, then the door opened & there was Kemal-y, in full stage make-up with dark eyeliner, foundation, sparkly diamond-esque earrings & everything. He looked straight at me & went "Hi!" & I went "Hi!" & then one of the little kids rushed forwards & asked him to sign her programme, which he did, & then he looked back up at me & asked "D'you want me to sign your programme for you?" & I went "Yes please!" & he took it from me & asked "How was the show? Did you like it?" & I said "It was FABulous!" & he laughed, & then he asked where I was from, & I told him, & then I sorta pushed my flowers forward & went "I got you flowers!" & his face sort of softened & he went "Awwwwww, thank you, darling!" & then he opened his arms & I was like 'OMG he's gonna hug me!' & he DID!

It was all sort of a blur, but I remember his cheek was very warm cuz obviously he'd just been onstage, & I can't remember what he was wearing at that point but I put my hand on his back, & whatever he was wearing was silky. & oh my goodness, I sort of brushed his waist & he is so THIN! Not as short as I expected either - although he may still have been wearing the heels, I'm not sure. & his hair was sort of tied back in a very tight bun, cuz in the show he had this long ponytail running all the way down his right side.

But yes, he signed my programme with a bunch of squiggles I can't make out, followed by "All my love, Kemal". & I went "THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are FABULOUS!" & he said "You're welcome, darling!" & then I sort of waved at him & that was that. But I was PSYCHED! & I only met him for about a minute, but he was very sweet & he let people take photos w/ him & he signed their programmes, & he made time for everyone & asked them questions about themselves & everything, & he seemed really sweet :)
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