~D (scintillae) wrote in kemal_babydoll,

''I'm Kemal, baby!"

oh my goodness, i was so excited when someone invited me to join this community. Kemal-y is the cutest. i watched the Curse of Big Brother thing on Channel 5 tonight {23rd} & he looked so good - blue is his color. & pink... & red... lol. anyways... yay, so glad i joined!

apologies for the dorky journal entry, i just wanted to introduce myself!

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Hi and welcome! Yes kemal has that effect on me too :) Damn I missed the channel 5 thing! Is it being repeated at all?
hmmm i dunno. probably not - 5 doesn't tend to repeat things like that v often. i shall keep an eye out tho. there wasn't a lot about Kemal, just a few shots of him saying a couple of sentences to camera. he looked so cute tho lol
Damn I don't have ch5